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Spring restart of body, mind and soul with lavender drink (NEW)

Relaxing massage to soothe, cleanse and detox the mind with craniosacral therapy. Let the masseuse guide you as she takes care of your overall relaxation of your mental state, which is associated with many physical ailments (e.g. headache, back pain, etc.). Craniosacral therapy is excellent for regulating the overloaded nervous and musculoskeletal system in the body. This massage is also suitable for pregnant women, children and the elderly. You can book this special massage until the end of June. 

60 min. / 990,- CZK


Anticellulite foot massage and Balneo (NEW)

This massage is one of the most effective techniques in the fight against cellulite. The massage is mainly performed at a fast pace, thus burning occurs and very quickly relieves the effects of cellulite. Finally, a wrap of the thighs is made with cold-pressed oil enriched with drops of juniper, rosemary and cypress.

80 min. / 1 490,- CZK


Breuss massage (NEW)

This relaxing massage is a real caress for aching backs. A very effective technique to relieve painful conditions. The massage flushes out toxins from the body while releasing deeply stored psychological blocks and burdens. St. John's wort oil is used to relax stiff muscles and relieve the body of stress.

50 min. / 1 290,- CZK


Classic massage

Massaging the back and other parts of the body prevents many health complications and refreshes the body and mind.

30 min./ 690,- CZK

50 min./ 1 190,- CZK

80 min./ 1 590,- CZK


Aroma massage

The combination of aroma massage with gentle touches brings a relaxing experience with a choice of massage oil scent according to your current mood and taste.

30 min./ 790,- CZK

50 min. / 1 290,- CZK

80 min. / 1 690,- CZK


Lower limb massage

Comprehensive massage of legs, calves, thighs and buttocks. This therapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

50 min. / 1 190,- CZK


Anti-stress face and head massage

Gentle aroma massage with caring oil enriched with mango extract and a few drops of lemon essential oil. The facial massage is finished with a gua sha stone massage for perfect blood circulation and smoothing of the face. The whole treatment ends with a gentle head massage.

40 min. / 890,- CZK


Massage for princes and princesses

Your children will also enjoy the pleasant massage touches. Give them time to calm down and relax.

30 min / 490,- CZK


Pampering massage for couples

The massage promotes relaxation, harmonises the body and mind and recharges the energy. It is a massage of the back, arms, legs, back and front of the body.

90 min. / 4 000,- CZK


Massage with lava stones

Soothing relaxing massage using warm lava stones and fragrant oils. The lava stones warm the whole body, help detoxify the body and balance the energy in the body. This treatment is recommended for relaxation and perfect release.

50 min. / 1 490,- CZK

80 min. / 1 890,- CZK