Castle’s rooms

Take advantage of the unique opportunity of accommodation in our castle where the rooms are furnished by original furniture after former owners. In castle Liblice we will prepare for you relaxation and privacy, unforgettable romantic moments and unique experience.

The total capacity of 53 rooms (110 beds) consists of 20 historic rooms directly in the castle and 32 rooms in the depandance building.

2 rooms in this category

„Wedding suite“ in the main castle’s building where you might discover remnants of secret corridor. We also offer  a „Family suite“  which you can use for a romantic stay for two or for your whole family.

1 room in this category

Spacious single room where one can really relax. It is an ideal room for our package “restart of body and mind” which got a big prize of tourism for a second place in the category of the best wellness package 2017/2018.

5 rooms in this category

Double rooms Superior are located in the main building of the castle and they are exceptional due to their size which is bigger than Deluxe rooms and they are equipped with a coffee machine. You can enjoy your coffee according to your taste at any day and night time. Each and every one of the rooms have an individual design and create a pleasant atmosphere.

12 rooms in this category

Every room is furnished with historic furniture and has its unique historical style. You can choose a room with a view of castle’s garden, English park or honourable courtyard of our castle.

Depandance rooms

These rooms are of an economic type. They are located in the next buildings of the castle and they are furnished with modern furniture.From east depandance is a beautiful view of the castle, in west depandance we will provide you with rooms where  your dog pets are also welcomed.

2 rooms in this category

Rooms are equipped with modern furniture which will ensure your privacy and calm during your stay. Rooms are located in the next buildings of the castle.

24 rooms in this category

Modern double rooms are located in next buildings of the castle.  They are suitable for a recreational stay or for a business trip.

6 rooms in this category

Ideal room for a family stay with children. Spacious rooms will ensure you comfort during your stay. One week stay „Summer in the castle“  is a perfect match for this room.