Invitation of spa manager

Dear guests,

Let me welcome you to our beautiful private wellness and relaxing massages in the Liblice Castle Hotel.

My name is Pavla Joachimsthálová and I would like to invite you to my world where you come first and will be taken care of with the utmost care and love. A world where you can relax, be pampered by touch, feel the present moment and the influx of new energy.

I see massage as a kind way to help people feel better. A sensual massage evokes pleasant feelings of well-being, trust and joy, and also releases energy that heals.

I realize that a quality massage is not just a series of professionally performed strokes, but is also an experiential treatment where the environment and scents matter a great deal.

I love this work and caring for others is not only my job, but my mission and joy. Your satisfaction inspires me and you continually show me that my work is meaningful. I am happy to do what I enjoy and find intrinsically fulfilling.

Whether you choose to relax in our private spa or unwind with a massage, it will be my pleasure to care for you and make your day. Make time that belongs to you.

I am here for you.

With love, Pavla