Invitation of castle’s sommelier

I like a good company, good food, good wine and good coffee (in the morning with milk without sugar, in the afternoon with sugar without milk). I don’t know about any other profession which can offer all this under one roof.

My name is Roman Trnka and I invite you wholeheartedly to castle’s restaurant.


Roman Trnka

When I look back, I had no idea what job I would like to have for my whole life when I was 15. I was probably very lucky with my trainings which enabled me to go through amazing restaurants. I found out that working in a warm clean and pleasant environment is very enjoyable for me. Moreover praise and appreciation of effort have been always very motivating.

I do my profession from my heart and I am trying to do my best.  I still live by the advice of my first boss. „Treat your guests as if you invited them to your home“ .  And I would like to add to this statement: „ because only in this case you will give them the best, with the biggest care they will not get anywhere else“.

Lots people connect the profession of sommelier only with wine but in reality it is care for all beverages you find at us- including water, coffee and at the same time also cigars.

Accept my invitation because all of the beverages I have chosen I actually like. You can learn about me a little and I will be glad to learn about you.  I will understand that from what you are drinking.


Motto: Life is too short to drink bad wines.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn - it explains a lot.