I like to work with fresh ingredients  which I use for cooking of  traditional meals but with new ways. I also do not refuse some small experiments because nothing makes you more happy then an empty plate from our guest.

My name is Roman Rendl and I am inviting you for a walk of flavours in castle’s restaurant.


Roman Rendl

I liked to play with a pan and a wooden spoon already from my childhood. Not only because there were not too many cars and tools. How I was gradually finding out where pans and wooden spoons belong to and what kind of miracles  my mum can do with them, I started being curious. And that is how  llittle by little I found my lifetime hobby.

What impresses me the most  at the profession of a chef, as I already mentioned, is cooking from fresh ingredients. Due to the fact that the castle has a perfect position in a fertile region, my team cooks exclusively from local ingredients. Then our guests  can enjoy distinctive taste of local vegetables, fruits and meat. In our herb garden we grow most of our spices and herbs which we also use for final decoration of a plate.