The first thing to catch your eye at the bar is the shiny Bella Epocha coffee machine. It brews coffee from a small roaster, a blend designed exclusively for Liblice Castle. The coffee beans are from El Salvador, and we believe that the coffee prepared from them will attract you with its fruity taste.

The bar offers spirits and liqueurs of world brands, but domestic producers are also widely represented. Fruit brandies from Žufánek or traditional herbal liqueurs from West Bohemia are especially popular with foreign guests. Lovers of single malt whisky will be delighted by the wide range on offer, as will supporters of Caribbean rums. For those who prefer cognac or armagnac, we have selected a wide range from the best producers. You can also taste cognac composed of 1,200 eaux-de-vie, aged between 50 and 100 years.

The bar is open all day. The adjacent conservatory is a pleasant place to sit, especially in the late afternoon when the sun is hiding in the canopy of white poplars and plane trees. But a pre-dinner Gin & Tonic, or a glass of your favourite after-dinner tipple, has its own charm.