Accompanying programme


Wine tasting with chateau sommelier

We offer an interesting talk about wine, during which we will introduce you to local or Moravian products. The tasting itself is led by the chateau sommelier and can be guided or free depending on the number of participants. During the tasting you will be offered a snack - sliced cheese, crackling, bread and water to drink.

Wine tasting with chateau sommelier
The castle inherently includes an honor guard, period competitions or popular swordplay performances. If you would like to liven up your meeting with something similar, we offer you several options below:

  • Period competitions

Sword fencing, ring toss, royal skittles, nail driving, fish catching, armour fitting, sling shooting, stilt walking, crossbow shooting, archery, spear throwing. Some activities can only take place in the garden in the outdoor areas. 

  • Opening of the event by the Prince and Countess

The Prince and Countess may open the event or competition itself, accompanied by trumpeters.

  • Fencing performance

A fencing performance will add variety to any historical programme. A group of swordsmen will perform a demonstration of duels with different types of weapons.



Would you like to end the day with a surprise for your guests? Take advantage of our offer for a fire show (fountain paths, pyrotechnic figures, light decorations) accompanied by music and dance performances.


Lobeč Brewery

Not only beer lovers will appreciate a visit to the technical monument of the Steam Brewery in Lobč near Mšeno, which has a tradition of brewing beer in the Kokořín region for 500 years. In 2009, the Ministry of Culture declared this brewery a monument and since 2013 it has been part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH). The tour with tasting and a guide in Czech takes about 90 minutes.


Mělník Castle

It is an original royal chateau with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. The chateau is owned by the Lobkowicz family, who still occupy one of its wings. The castle offers a magnificent view of the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe rivers, the famous Říp Mountain and the Bohemian Central Highlands. The St. Ludmilla vineyard is part of the castle, which invites you to taste local wines. Near the chateau there is also the Church of St. Peter and Paul with a traditional ossuary, the historical square and the underground of Mělník with a unique well (the widest in the Czech Republic). A guided tour of the chateau takes about 60 minutes.

Byšice shooting range

The shooting range is located less than 2 km from the Liblice castle and offers the possibility of shooting from a shotgun on asphalt targets (American trap, Double trap, Universal trap, Skeet) or shooting from pellet guns up to 30 m (Malorážka, Revolvers of all calibers, Samopal 58, Samopal AK 47, Bullet rifle for shooting, etc.).



A French board game for two teams of 1-3 members who try to place the balls as close as possible to the target, which is a wooden ball called a piggy bank. The principle of the game is very simple. A distinct advantage of this sport is that it can be played by practically anyone. The paths in our castle garden are perfect for the tournament.



This popular game will make your time in the castle garden more enjoyable. It is suitable for 2 to 6 players, with each player playing with one stick and one coloured ball. The aim of the game is to use strokes to move the balls through the goals to the finish line.  



Music creates a pleasant atmosphere at gala dinners, corporate events and informal evening gatherings. If you wish, we can arrange a musical form and style to suit your taste and the occasion - from DJ to classical music, live band to big band.

Photo corner

A photo booth is a "small studio" that can be set up right on the site of your event. The photo booth includes a backdrop that you can pre-select and incorporate into the theme of your gathering. There is also lighting equipment, a camera, a computer with a printer for professional photo printing, and attendants available throughout the event. 


Fun mobile casino

Do you like to take risks? Try your luck and use the services of the mobile casino. You can try Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, Craps, Lucky Wheel or Joker's Log. We can also book a VIP croupier from among famous actors, singers, presenters or sportsmen to make the event more interesting. Price upon request.

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