Pozvání spa manažerky

I feel that humans beings are touchy creatures. That is why I do massages with care and happpiness. I care about pleasant feelings and relaxation which a person experiences during a massage. My name is Lucia and I warmly welcome you to the castle’s wellness where you relax your mind, rest  your body and where you find a complete regeneration.

I trained as a beautician and already during studies facial and neck massages were part of it. At the begining I massaged my family then my girlfriends who were very satisfied and I slowly started to toy with the idea that I will do a retraining course. As it happens in life one sometimes needs an impulse. In my case it was my husband who has been doing massages for years and we share all new together. When we started going out and were having long chats, he was supportive of me. Already during the retraining course massages grabbed my heart.

I have been doing massages now for 4 years. I enjoy this work tremendously.  I am pleased when people are leaving rested and with smile on their lips after their massage and with thanks and saying that it was great and different than to what they have ever experienced. I enjoy massages, play with the muscles and think where and which touch and pressure to use, which essential oil to reccomend and I let myself to be led by my intuition. That is why my massages are may be different- how I hear from people. I like to work on myself in this area and I keep on educating myself. I attend 3-4 professional courses every year. I expand the offer of massages but I also study how to work with energies. I self-study during my freetime, for example  during travelling .

People enjoy present moment under my hands and they relax. The muscles relax better and with this also psychological stress is released and calm is restored.

I am very grateful for the trust which my clients put into my hands and I try to treat them with respect.

Yours faithfully Lucia